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La Scala Theatre, Milan
Since 2005 we have been recording part of the Symphonic Season of the "Filarmonica della Scala" orchestra, at La Scala Theatre in Milan. In the theatre we have realized a dedicated wiring system for the transmission of the audio signal from the stage to the recording area. This is made up of several parts. There are 64 analogue and 128 channels available between the stage and the recording area. The high quality shielded multicore cables are running over a distance of about 85 meters.
In addition there are also 24 analog channels from the ceiling to the backstage (55 meters long cables). This allows the microphones to be suspended from the ceiling of the hall. Hence we realize a reduced visual impact that is necessary in case of filming Along with the dedicated audio cabling were also installed electric lines and ethernet cables which allow to easily and quickly control of all the equipment dislocated well apart in the theater. We can position the microphone preamplifiers and AD converters the closest possible to the microphones. The digital wiring is capable to transmit 40 24 bit 96 kHz AES EBU channels and 128 24 bit 48 kHz Madi channels (or 64 24 bit 96 kHz channels).
The whole system guarantees to maintain a very high quality and reliability in every phase of the recording process.

Radio and Television Collaborations
The collaboration with RAI (National Television and Radio) and other television and radio producers, brought us to all the main Italian Music Festival. From La Scala Theater, to Ravenna Festival and Ferrara Musica We are also present at the Venice Biennale Music. In these occasions we often realize live transmission of the events on national broadcast. In particular we were at the opening of the main Hall "S. Cecilia" at the Parco della Musica Auditorium complex in Rome in 2002. Live National Radio broadcast and TV recording.

Accademic Activities
Since 2001 Eng. Matteo Costa is teaching at the Padua Conservatoire "C. Pollini" on the Undergraduate Degree: "Tecnico di Sala di Registrazione". Since 2007 I am also teaching at the Bolzano Conservatoire "C. Monteverdi" on the two years "New Tecnologies" Graduate Degree.

Some Orchestra Directors we worked with
Ashkenazy, Baremboim, Bruggen, Chung, De Burgos, Dudamel, Gerghiev, Harding, Maag, Maazel, Muti, Pretre, Noseda, Temirkanov

Some Soloists we worked with
Accardo, Alagna, Alvarez, Al Jarreau, Argerich, Hewitt, Kavakos, Labeque, Lang-Lang, Mc Ferrin, Mullova, Pollini, Ughi.