Welcome to "ingcosta.it"

We work on music recording and post-production. The aim is to reach the very best quality using the most advanced standards and equipments available.

We produce all possible formats available on the market today:

  • - Stereo CD (Red book)
  • - Multichannel CD (Red Book DTS or Dolby Digital)
  • - DVD Audio (all supported formats)
  • - DVD video (all audio supported formats)
  • - Hybrid DVD (DVD Audio and Video together)
  • - Stereo SACD
  • - Multichannel SACD

I work in this field since 1994 recording mainly classical and jazz music. Since 2001 I am teaching at the Padua Conservatoire "C. Pollini" on the Undergraduate Degree: "Tecnico di Sala di Registrazione". Since 2007 I am also teaching at the Bolzano Conservatoire "C. Monteverdi" on the two years "New Tecnologies" Graduate Degree.

My colleague Gabriele Robotti and me, due to our studies have a good kwnoledge of acustical problems, microphone techniques, and digital technology. The musical studies allows us to easily follow scores (also antique music manuscripts) and to give suggestions to musicians or advice them during recordings. We can offer the artistic support both during recording and editing. When recording we try to recreate the most natural image and to capture a sound which is as close as possible to the real situation. This is done using state of the art equipment (with "on-stage" tecnique as for Telarc, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca) which allows us to have up to 24 tracks at 24 bit/192 kHz or up to 64 simultaneous tracks at 24 bit/96 kHz while recording, including the analog to digital conversion, digital mixing and editing.
We can also deal with DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format for the production of SACD (Super Audio CD) up to 24 traks of recording and 8 tracks editing and authoring with the SADiE DSD-8 DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Our equipment and experience allow us to produce not only the typical 2 channels stereo CD, but also a Multichannel encoding like DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1, Multitracks DVD (Dolby Digital-DTS) or MLP encoding for DVD audio, stereo and/or multichannel SACD or hybrid SACD.
The Studio has the facility for authoring DVD-Audio using Sonic DVD Audio Creator, or DVD-video with Sonic Fusion software. A sound processor Lexicon 960L and the surround capabilities of the editing DAW allow to generate multichannel masters (5+1 for Dolby Digital o DTS) also from a 2 channels stereo master. For SACD we use a Genex GX9048 Hard Disk recorder (24 tracks DSD) and the Authoring system SADiE DSD8

The post production facilities have a multichannel monitor set up which will litterally make you jump on you seat.

Matteo Costa